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8:45 AM - 8:55 AM
Welcome Address
The Globe and Mail's Publisher and CEO, Phillip Crawley, kicks off the 2017 Personal Performance Summit.

8:55 AM - 9:50 AM
Mind Keynote: Michelle Gielan
Rethink the Present to Change the Future
We often overestimate the impact life circumstances have on our happiness and success. New research shows 90% of our long-term success is predicted not by external circumstance but how we process the world around us. Michelle Gielan, national CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher, has conducted extensive research with people experiencing everything from small setbacks to life-changing events, identifying hallmarks of an optimistic mindset and how to train our brain to process the world happiness and success. So what is the scientific key to our success? Optimism: the belief that challenges are temporary, and if we take action, we can improve our circumstances. In our opening keynote, Michelle will share proven strategies to raise your personal optimism quotient for increased and sustained happiness. Discover simple techniques to more effectively respond to challenges, inoculate your brain against stress and adopt a more resilient mindset in order to fuel creativity, innovation, productivity, and success.

9:55 AM – 10:55 AM
Body Keynote: Dr. Peter Jensen
Resilience is About How You Recharge, Not How You Endure
Success in high pressure situations hinges not only on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover and remain energized: in other words, being resilient. Research shows that we are living in a world of increasing demands with no shortage of distractions, and more and more individuals are feeling the pressure to do more with less time. But there is power in pressure. With the world of Olympic level sport as a laboratory, Dr. Peter Jensen has developed a deep understanding of how to manage and sustain energy for optimal performance. Drawing on his experience of working with over 70 Olympic medal winning athletes, their coaches, and thousands of executives, Dr. Jensen will discuss the strategies and tools that allow elite performers to excel under pressure, recover from setbacks and transform pressure into growth. In this insightful session, discover how to strike a balance between high performance and periods of renewal in order to be more resilient and thrive in a 24/7 world.

11:10 AM – 12:10 PM
Medical Keynote: Dan Buettner
Discover the 9 Most Impactful Things You Can Do To Live Longer
To make it to age 100, you have to have won the genetic lottery. And while most of us do have the capacity to make it well into our early 90’s, and largely without chronic disease, how can you know if you’re doing all that it takes to live a long and healthy life? In search of the path to long life and health, Dan Buettner teamed up with National Geographic to find and study the world’s “Blue Zones,” communities whose elders live to record-setting ages without preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Beuttner and his team identified five zones as being "blue," and have identified 9 evidence-based diet and lifestyle habits that were common among them. So what should you be doing to live a longer life? Dan Buettner, Founder of the Blue Zones project, suggests that you need three things if you want to live a long and healthy life: credible information, practical advice and an environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice, or better yet, unavoidable. In this insightful session, Buettner discusses how adopting a Blue Zones lifestyle can extend life expectancy by up to 12 years and improve your overall health and well-being.

12:10 PM – 12:30 PM
Financial Health Chat
Dave Kelly, TD Wealth Senior Executive and Derek DeCloet, The Globe’s Report on Business Editor
Visit Cluny, and Romanesque abbey around which it was built. The abbey had a modest beginning as a simple place of worship, but grew to become the largest church in the world, holding the title for 200 years. If cooking is your preference, attend a class at George Blanc, with a focus on regional specialities. Alternatively, savour Beaujolais wines with Beppi Crosariol.

12:30 PM – 1:10 PM
For those looking to stretch their legs, discover France’s gastronomic capital, and second-largest city with a walking tour of its hidden passageways and take in the panoramic views from Notre Dame Basilica. In the evening, select one of our carefully-chosen restaurant experiences, and appreciate the city’s culinary charms for yourself. Tonight have the opportunity to dine at one of our recommended Lyon restaurants.

1:10 PM - 2:20 PM
Interactive Breakout Sessions
Choose from a selection of three deep dive sessions led by experts on key topics
An unhurried morning in Lyon; see the city on foot or borrow an e-bike to cover more ground. Once we dock in Tournon, stroll up to the Château de Tournon for our special sundowner reception and enjoy aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres on the terrace of the castle accompanied by musicians, overlooking the steeped vineyards of Tain-l’Hermitage across the river.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Interactive Breakout Sessions
Choose from a selection of three deep dive sessions led by experts on key topics
A custom program at the Valrhona museum in Tain L’Hermitage; start with a guided chocolate tasting, followed by a demonstration by a master chocolatier. For those interested in wine, join Beppi Crosariol and tour M. Chapoutier, whose vineyards overlook Tournon. Learn about its 200 years of history, and how they respect the past while embracing the future.

3:50 PM – 4:10 PM
Presentation Featuring Medcan Founder Dr. Robert Francis and Michael May, President and CEO of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine
Regenerative Medicine: Emerging Therapies and Canada’s Leadership
Dr. Robert Francis and Michael May, President and CEO of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) will inspire with a view on Regenerative Medicine (RM), which aims to harness the power of stem cells, biomaterials and molecules to repair, regenerate or replace diseased cells, tissues and organs, and has the promise to treat, manage and perhaps cure some of the most devastating and costly diseases in the world today. They will also highlight how commercialization of RM helps fulfill that promise by moving therapies from the laboratory to the clinic, and Canada’s excelling role in the sector.

3:50 PM – 4:10 PM
Closing Remarks
The Globe and Mail's Editorial Page Editor, Tony Keller, wraps up the 2017 Personal Performance Summit.

4:20 PM – 5:30 PM
Closing Reception
Closing Reception Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with attendees, speakers and Globe and Mail journalists.
Extensive networking opportunities mean you’ll build connections and learn from your peers. We'll wrap up the 2017 Personal Performance Summit with a cocktail mixer where you can connect with attendees, speakers and Globe and Mail journalists.