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Body Keynote: Dr. Peter Jensen

Success in high pressure situations hinges not only on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover and remain energized: in other words, being resilient. Research shows that we are living in a world of increasing demands with no shortage of distractions, and more and more individuals are feeling the pressure to do more with less time. But there is power in pressure. With the world of Olympic level sport as a laboratory, Dr. Peter Jensen has developed a deep understanding of how to manage and sustain energy for optimal performance. Drawing on his experience of working with over 70 Olympic medal winning athletes, their coaches, and thousands of executives, Dr. Jensen will discuss the strategies and tools that allow elite performers to excel under pressure, recover from setbacks and transform pressure into growth. In this insightful session, discover how to strike a balance between high performance and periods of renewal in order to be more resilient and thrive in a 24/7 world.


CEO of League

Founder of Performance Coaching Inc.



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The Globe and Mail

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