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Breakout: Sleep & Restfulness Featuring Dr. Gamaldo (Concurrent Session)

Poor sleep is a global pandemic with about 40 percent of adult Canadians among those sacrificing their sleep to keep up in our 24/7, plugged-in culture. Dr. Charlene Gamaldo, neurologist and medical director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep, studies the impact of sleep on manifestation and progression of neurological diseases. Robust evidence shows that sleep is not just a luxury; it is a critical element of wellness that all health-conscious individuals should incorporate into their routines. Sleep medicine research suggests that most adults function at their best emotionally, physically and mentally if they routinely receive 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night. So what do you need to do to attain good sleep health? In this interactive session, Dr. Gamaldo, details the variables that impact healthy sleep habits and provides strategies to promote a healthier sleep state, going beyond the typical advice we’ve all heard before.


Medical Director, The Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep


General Assignment Reporter, The Globe and Mail