Mayor, City of Toronto

John Tory is the 65th Mayor of Toronto. As a lawyer, talk show host, businessman, Member of Provincial Parliament and Leader of the Official Opposition at Queen’s Park, Mayor Tory has long believed that the diversity of Toronto is its strength. John has spent his career promoting and giving back to the city he loves and as Mayor, he is now focused on bringing the city together as One Toronto. 

The early years of Mayor Tory’s career were spent practicing law in Toronto, and he was later elected as a managing partner of one of Canada’s biggest law firms. In the 1980’s he served as Principal Secretary to Premier Bill Davis and as Associate Secretary of the Ontario Cabinet. In September 2004, Mayor Tory was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. In 2005, as PC Party Leader, Mayor Tory would serve as the Leader of the Official Opposition at Queen’s Park. 

In 2016, Mayor John Tory launched an innovative new online business support platform Digital Main Street (DMS). With the goal of establishing Toronto as an attractive place to do business, DMS is a free digital road road map and support tool aimed at fostering successful small businesses and nurture local startups as they adopt digital tools, technologies and services.

Mayor Tory also has an extensive background in volunteer community service. He served as volunteer Chairman and Commissioner of the Canadian Football League, chaired fundraising campaigns for St. Michael’s Hospital and the United Way and has held leadership positions in a wide range of charitable organizations. 

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