Founder & CEO of 80-20 Growth Corporation

Mark Zschocke holds a B.Com. from the University of Alberta and a MASc and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematical Modeling from the University of Waterloo where he developed models for competitive project portfolio management. Mark was awarded multiple awards for innovation and excellence at the University of Waterloo, including the prestigious Gold Medal for the best Master’s thesis in the field of Engineering. In 2012 Mark became Partner and CEO of an international strategy consulting firm and the world leader in the application of the science of Game Theory to executive decision making. Mark is passionate about helping businesses make better decisions based on sound strategic analysis. Every business development strategy must be underpinned by relevant data points and accurate predictive modelling, and Mark brings capabilities that are second to none. Mark is also passionate about the science of strategic selling and the importance of augmenting analytics with a strategic sales process that is planned, visible, logical and repeatable.